Saturday, August 17, 2013

On Morphic Resonance

If you’re a Man Of Science, or an acolyte of our Men Of Science, you’ll believe that your memories are stored inside your brain. So if someone tells you your memories are stored outside your brain, you’ll laugh. However, no Man Of Science so far has figured out exactly where in the brain, memories are stored. But this doesn’t stop these Men Of Science insisting that memories are stored in the brain.

Desperate to prove this, our Men Of Science have given animals in laboratories puzzles to solve, and the animals learned to solve them. Then, most areas of the animals’ brains were removed. You'd think the animals would no longer have remembered how to solve these puzzles. But they did still remember. Where, then, were stored the animals’ memories of how to solve the puzzles? Outside somewhere?

Tests have shown that when animals, like mice and guinea pigs, solve puzzles they are given, other mice and guinea pigs thousands of miles away, and that are also given these puzzles, solve them significantly faster than expected. It’s as if the knowledge of the first-mentioned mice and guinea pigs on how to solve the puzzles, is also available for the latter mice and guinea pigs to tap into, enabling them quickly to solve the puzzles.

If memories are stored inside the brain, the transmission of knowledge as described above would be impossible. But, if memories are stored outside the brain, like somewhere in the ether, then the transmission of knowledge as described above makes sense.

If animals can tap into the collective memories of other animals, even though far away, it’s logical to think that humans can tap into the collective memories of other humans. The fact that average scores on IQ tests have risen 30% over the last 70 years, and continue to rise, suggests that when you do an IQ test today, your mind, in its search for answers to the puzzles in the IQ tests, taps into the collective outside-stored memories of those who did IQ tests before. Hence you only appear 30% cleverer than was your grandfather.

Rupert Shelldrake, in his recent book, “Science Set Free”, uses the term “morphic resonance” to describe the process of tapping into collective outside-stored memories. Since we, and all matter, are pulsating globs of energy, and since our minds seem to be morphic fields of energy that stretch beyond our physical selves, “morphic resonance” is a better fit to illustrate the mechanics of how our minds tap into other minds.

You will, I feel sure, have heard of people suddenly being able to speak Greek or Chinese, despite their never having learned Greek or Chinese, let alone their having never having been to Greece or China. And there are people who remember events they think happened in a previous life. These sorts of stories suggest reincarnation. But they also suggest these people tapped into other peoples’ memories through morphic resonance. Given that the notion of reincarnation has a plethora of logical inconsistencies that reincarnationists willfully ignore, morphic resonance better explains these reincarnation-like experiences.

Assuming all our memories are stored out there in the ether somewhere - sort of like in “cloud computing” - what does this say about how things will be after we go to our Eternal Reward? It surely suggests that we, in the form of our memories of all our earthly experiences, will continue in some way.

The late Krishnamurti used to say that consciousness is its content. As to what he meant by “content” one must assume he meant “memories”. So that when you were born, you didn’t have any consciousness because you hadn’t yet done anything, and so didn’t have any memories to be conscious of. But as you went through life and did stuff, and your memories of the stuff you did multiplied, your consciousness consequently grew, and it continues to grow the longer you are alive and the more stuff you do. It's this consciousness, then, consisting of all its memories, that may constitute the "you" when you go to your Eternal Reward.  

Because the memories that constitute your consciousness, include your memories of your departed Loved Ones, and because the memories of your departed Loved Ones - that constitute their consciousnesses - would have included their memories of you, it’s likely that when you go to your Eternal Reward, your stored memories of your departed Loved Ones will morphically resonate with their stored memories of you.

By this means you’ll experience meeting them again on the Other Side. They'll look to you the way you remembered them best; and you'll look to them the way they remembered you best.