Wednesday, July 17, 2013

What Happened in the Atacama Desert?

If you look at this *short video* you’ll see it shows extracts from a presentation about a six inch long humanoid skeleton found in the Atacama Desert ten years ago. So different is it from the normal human skeleton, it has knocked the socks off the sorts of people who it would otherwise be most difficult to knock the socks off of.

It seems this little man was six or so when he died, so he would have been, come to think of it, not a man but a child. Some men think he was so small because he was a dwarf. But there’s no scientific evidence to support this.

Everyone who is respected thinks this child was a human. How, though, can they know this? First of all, he shared only 91% of his genes with the human. This leaves 9% of his genes that no-one is sure about. Perhaps, after more testing, it will be found that this remaining 9% of his genes were in fact human genes. Until then, you can’t with a straight face say absolutely definitely he was human.

Then there’s the fact that he had only ten pairs of ribs, not the twelve pairs the human has. If you doubt you have twelve pairs of ribs, run your fingers over your rib cage next time you’re in the bathroom and do a count. If the number turns out other than twelve it means one of two things: either you’re not human; or you’re so fat, your fingers simply can’t feel all your ribs.

Look at the child’s head. How many children have you seen with heads that shape? And not to speak of this six year old child being only six inches tall.

If you look at the pictures of the skeleton with an uncluttered mind, you’ll see the skeleton is obviously that of an Extraterrestrial child. Because it’s not known how long ETs normally live, they could for all you know live much longer than you, maybe a thousand years. So their children will have childhoods much longer than those of your own children. Therefore six inches could be an average height for an ET child of six, who, when grown-up, will still only be three feet, if the reports of Alien abductees are to be believed. 

This ET child must have had a Mum and Dad around to look after him, else how would he have lived even to six, when someone then bashed a hole in his head, and he died as a result. Who bashed the hole?

What became of his Mum and Dad? Did they remain on earth, so their skeletons still lie somewhere in the Atacama Desert, waiting for someone to happen upon them? Or did they - prostrated with grief on the death of their son, and thinking earth not a nice place - catch the next saucer back to their native planet?

In all of the cosmos there are billions upon billions of stories. This was just one of them.


  1. I saw a sign in the video - "Nolan Deliveries" and googled "Nolan Laboratory Stanford". It describes its work as follows:

    We focus on signaling in the immune system and study of oncogenic process.

    Study of cancer, autoimmunity, and the molecular manners in which single cells can be distinguished from normal human tissues, and their biology understood thereby, are prominent in our studies.

    We use advanced Flow Cytometric analysis (FACS) of phosphoproteins in single cells to achieve our goals. For this we have developed advanced signaling analysis approaches at the single cells level, coupled these to high throughput proteomics technologies and Bayesian mathematics, to facilitate understanding of signaling pathways in normal and diseased cells.

    I must, of course, defer to experts, but I remain sceptical about the ET speculation.

    I note that the video does not exclude mutation as the explanation for these remains. Mutation damage might be insignificant or extensive,some victims surviving a few years, others not.

    I question whether it is legitimate to compare the genes in a normal human with those of a normal chimpanzee in order to posit an extraterrestrial origin for a sadly abnormal human being who met a violent death. What a tragic life for the little child - we shall never know how it suffered.

  2. Your having the presence of mind to do the Google search after seeing only the words on a sign in the video, raises yet more my admiration of your ingenuity!!

    Yes, this little skeleton could well have been a bona fide human. If so, it would have been abnormally small, or even deformed, and so helpless against predators.

    However, as suggested in the the video, the chances of it surviving to the six years it allegedly lived, would have been miniscule, given the aridity and primitiveness of the Atacama desert.

    Add to this the possibility that this being may have lived as long as a thousand years ago, before the advent of the sorts of mod-cons that greatly facilitate survival of the helpless today.

    In the matter of genes, why should the genes of an extra-terrestrial human necessarily be different from those of an earthling human?