Friday, May 24, 2013

Jung and Cook

You are aware, are you not, of a book the great CG Jung wrote, called "Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth"? He said in it that flying saucers are nothing but psychic projections, born of the conflict in the psyche of Modern Man between his personal consciousness and the underlying collective unconscious.

What do you say to this?

I don’t doubt some men see flying saucers that are actually only the products of their minds. Jung was obviously writing about these sorts of men. He wasn’t writing about flying saucers that are as real as the car you drive.

You see, unbeknownst to nearly everyone, Jung appeared to have accepted *the physical reality of at least some flying saucers*, and that they may be from extra-terrestrial civilisations. He didn’t talk about this in his book, though, because he said in so many words that real flying saucers weren’t his area of expertise; only the imaginary ones were.

Have you ever seen a TV documentary called *UFOs: The Hidden Evidence*?

Funny you should ask, but, yes I have, and it was only last week.

It pulls, does it not, the rug from under you and others of your ilk, who think flying saucers don’t come from earth? I mean, this documentary leaves a powerful impression on the viewer that flying saucers are man-made, and so are from earth. Has it convinced you of this?


Whyever not?

While the man who made this documentary appeared to have wanted his viewers to think that man-made flying saucers explain all flying saucers, he didn’t actually say all flying saucers are man-made.

Keep in mind, this film’s maker is a mainstream journalist, and his film was made for a mainstream broadcaster. Given that Alien flying saucers are today’s Great Taboo, the film’s ideological slant would be expected.

I agree, however, with the film’s maker that the object that appeared to crash at Roswell could have been an experimental man-made saucer. Given Roswell’s nearness to a top secret military base that housed hundreds of German scientists, and that Germany had been experimenting with saucer-shaped craft, and that the Roswell crash was so soon after the War, these German scientists just may, in their new home, have continued their flying saucer experiments, at least for a while.

However, it’s obvious these putative flying saucer experiments came to nothing, otherwise the flying saucer would certainly have become as much a part of America’s military arsenal as did the atomic and hydrogen bombs, the anti-missile missile, the stealth aircraft, and all the other state-of-the-art military paraphernalia.

So, to imply that flying saucers seen today doing all those amazing things in the sky, seventy years after the War, are man-made, is just silly. 

The film’s implication that the “Foo Fighters”, which so many fighter pilots from all sides saw, were a German secret weapon, is also just silly, for no evidence has ever been unearthed that the “Foo Fighter” was in the arsenals of any of the warring nations.

Even supposing the Foo Fighters were a German secret weapon, what use were they? I mean, they didn’t even try to ram, or didn’t even try to shoot down, a single Allied plane.

So then, you think the Foo Fighters were of extra-terrestrial provenance?

Given they seemed intelligently controlled - thereby ruling out swamp gas and ball lightning as causes of the phenomena - I think they were Not From Here, and that whoever sent them was concerned about the destructiveness of the war-weapons wielded.

Consider the testimony of a number of American military men who have manned nuclear-missile silos, and who have seen *large balls of light* hovering over the silos, and that seem to have caused the missiles' operating systems not to work.

The Aliens - if Aliens they are - appear worried about what we could get up to with our terrible weapons, for we could use them in space, and thereby threaten the well-being of those who live Out There.


  1. Having alluded briefly to psychic and psychological aspects of the Ufo phenomenon in Flying Saucers, Jung continues:

    "... It seems to me - speaking with all due reserve - that there is a third possibility: that Ufos are real material phenomena of an unknown nature, presumably coming from outer space, which perhaps have long been visible to mankind, but otherwise have no recognisable connection with the earth or its inhabitants. In recent times, however, and just at the moment when the eyes of mankind are turned towards the heavens, partly on account of their fantasies about possible spaceships, and partly in a figurative sense because their earthly existence feels threatened, unconscious contents have projected themselves on these inexplicable heavenly phenomena. and given them a significance they in no way deserve... "

    Earlier in the book he had written in connection with the psychological aspect of the phenomenon:

    " ... A political, social, philosophical, and religious conflict of unprecedented proportions has split the consciousness of our age. When such tremendous opposites split asunder, we may expect that the need for a saviour will make itself felt...

    He felt the psychological mystery was as significant as the physical one.

  2. Jung seemed to say in so many words (he was often obscure) that flying saucers may physically be real, that they may come from other planets, but that they may nonetheless be of no importance to mankind.

    I have to say, if flying saucers are real, and come from other planets, and we can see them, I can't imagine news more important to mankind, and more sensational.

    I agree with Jung, though, when he said (again in so many words) that we project a lot of psychic stuff on to the flying saucer phenomenon, and that this projection comes out of our wish for an other-worldly Saviour.

    Because this seems to me clear, I don't see a psychological mystery. The real mystery is the provenance of the flying saucers. Are they from other planets? Or are they from other parallel worlds?

    There is another possibility. By having, in our millions, similar thoughts about them, and projecting these thoughts into the heavens, we may be creating real physical flying saucers. All physical phenomena, including ourselves, may in fact be the product of thought or mind.