Monday, February 11, 2013

Who, Whom?

You'll remember, I'm sure, that my last few postings have dwelt on the origins of the Human. Absent evidence he's lived for several million years in a technologically advanced society, you can safely say he couldn't have evolved from the Ape. There's, in fact, no evidence he did. The assertion he did is mere speculation masquerading as fact.

However, should the alleged missing link between the Human and the Ape ever be found, you, who say the Human didn't evolve from the Ape, will have to eat porridge for your supper. 

As of now, the notion that today's Human is a genetic mixture of Extra-Terrestrial and Ape, best explains him. Even a Martian visiting Earth, and seeing the Human, then seeing the Ape and the other animals, would suspect right away that the Human isn't quite native to Earth.

Because our Men of Science, and the ancient Babylonian creation myths both say the Human first appeared 200,000 years ago, it's likely he did. However, while our Men of Science say he descended from the Ape, the Babylonian myths have been interpreted as saying he's the result of the Annunaki - a people from the planet Nibiru – genetically mixing their own genes with those of the Ape.

The important thing here is that, Annunaki or no Annunaki, the Extra-Terrestrial/Ape genetic mixing thesis best explains the Human.


What did the Annunaki do after they created the Human? The Babylonian myths are silent on this.  Did the Annunaki stay awhile? Or did they immediately go back to Nibiru and just forget their Human creation?

Whatever they did, it appears Beings from Out There are currently visiting Earth often. Aside from mysterious disk-shaped flying craft seen by so many, there are Alien Abductions involving Missing Time, and funny-looking little men extracting sperm samples from their Human captives.

A Human captive, waking up in his bed after being returned, and remembering only vaguely what happened, must feel like a wild animal waking up in its lair after being shot by a tranquiliser dart, and seeing a metal tag on its leg, and wondering how it got there.

The question must therefore be asked: Is the Human nothing more than the unknowing inmate of a huge worldwide laboratory for men from Out There to do research on? The taking of sperm samples from Human captives bespeaks that inter-species genetic manipulation out of which the Human was created, continues. But, to what end?

Sunday, February 03, 2013


I've been reading up on Crop Circles. 

I've learned they've been around (sic) a long time - since 1674. But it was only forty years ago that they began appearing Big Time. And, during this last forty years their designs have become more and more sophisticated.

Ninety percent of Crop Circles manifest in England. Most are within forty miles of Stonehenge. Some are made by the Human; others aren't. When the Human makes a Crop Circle he does it with rollers and planks of wood that crush flat the hay, barley or whatever. When a non-Human makes a Crop Circle he does it by applying short bursts of intense heat to the hay, barley or whatever, causing them to bend at right angles an inch above the ground.

The heat that the non-Human applies to the hay, barley or whatever is so intense, it causes molecular changes in the plants. The earth within the Crop Circle is molecularly changed too, no doubt because when you apply a short burst of intense heat to a plant, you can't help but do the same to the soil around it.

Another difference between the Human-made Crop Circle and the non-Human-made one is that the Human-made one is less sophisticated and less geometrically precise than the non-Human-made one, and is otherwise sloppier. 

The non-Human-made Crop Circle, no matter how intricate its design or geometry, is made extremely quickly. Humans who have seen them made, say they form in under twenty seconds. Sometimes as they form, brightly coloured balls of light flit around the field. In other cases a shaft of light comes down and swirls the plants into the Crop Circle's geometric shape.

The Human-made Crop Circle is made much more slowly than the twenty seconds needed for the non-Human-made one, because it takes time to lug around the planks and rollers.

Is not the non-Human-made Crop Circle intriguing? Could the non-Human who makes it, make it from a planet far, far away? Think of the Rover currently on Mars, that is sending back through fifty million miles of space, those amazingly clear pictures of the Martian terrain. All the while the Mars Rover is trundling around, gathering up soil samples for Men of Science here on Earth to analyse. The thing here, is that by means of electronic pulses from Earth, our Men of Science are controlling the Mars Rover, telling it in effect what to do.

What if a Martian, out walking his dog of an evening after supper, should happen across the Mars Rover trundling about with no driver. Would it even occur to him that men fifty million miles away on another planet were controlling it. Even should this notion occur to him, would he not be loathe to share it with his family and friends for fear of them laughing at him?