Friday, January 25, 2013

Inter-Galactic Federation of Sovereign Planets

I spoke *last time* of the first Human. Making him wasn't plain sailing, for gene manipulation was as time-consuming and as filled with trials and errors then, 250,000 years ago, as it is today. Because the Annunaki wanted gold, it's likely the first Human was made in southern Africa where the gold was, and is still.

That the first Human came out of southern Africa 250,000 years ago is, ironically, consistent with the Official Story about the appearance of the first Human.

Today's Human uses only ten 10 per-cent of his brain. This bespeaks the Annunaki deliberately restricted the Human's ability to use all his brain, because digging gold doesn't need brains so much as brawn. However, the Ape failed as a digger despite it having more brawn than the Human. The Ape just didn't have enough brain for digging. The Human obviously did.

The early Human, able to use only 10 per-cent of his brain, may well have been a obedient digger, as the Annunaki designed him to be. But the Human isn't this way now. He's become too big for his boots and can now destroy Earth with his atomic bombs. Although a technological genius, he remains an emotional primitive. He's now out of balance. This is most dangerous.

Some years ago a retired copy editor at a major newspaper wrote a book about his being abducted by Aliens and taken off in their spaceship for three days. The Aliens told him their civilisation belonged to the Inter-Galactic Federation of Sovereign Planets (IGFSP) – an umbrella organisation representing the many thousands of planetary civilisations, sort of like our United Nations.

Ever since the Human landed on the moon the IGFSP had been closely monitoring Earth. It was concerned that the Human, with his atomic bombs and volatile emotions, boded ill for the other planetary civilisations should he continue planetary exploration. The IGFSP finally concluded the Human was too dangerous to be allowed onto any other planet, including the moon, which he was forbidden to make further landings on. The IGFSP communicated this to the relevant Earthly governments.

Whatever you think of all this, do you not find it singular that the Human hasn't returned to the moon in forty years?

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