Wednesday, January 23, 2013

In The Beginning

The brain of the Human bespeaks he must have lived in a technologically advanced society for several million years, for reasons *explained here*. However, according to the Official Truth, the Human, after abandoning his peripatetic hunting ways 10,000 years ago, began to settle down and farm. You see the problem, no?

It's possible there used to be evidence the Human lived for several million years in a technologically advanced society. But this evidence was largely washed away by an apocalyptic world-wide flood that happened 12,000 or so years ago, leaving only the ruins of ancient structures, like the Great Pyramid of Giza, that are so remarkable the Human of today couldn't build them.

Several million years of living in a technologically advanced society is but one explanation for why the Human brain is so advanced from the Ape brain. There's another intriguing explanation: today's Human is the product of genetic manipulation by extra-terrestrials.

Interpretations of Babylonian creation myths suggest exactly this. The Annunaki, a people from a planet called Nibiru, landed in Mesopotamia about 300,000 years ago. They needed gold, and were looking for a planet that had it. When the Annunaki learned Earth had gold they were for the most part happy. They were less happy, though, that the gold was deep underground and would have to be dug out.

The thing was, the Annunaki didn't like the prospect of the hard work that digging out gold would entail. However when they saw the Ape they thought it would be perfect as a digger. Unfortunately  the Ape didn't prove suitable in practice. What to do? Why, create, through manipulating the genes of themselves and the Ape, a hybrid Annunaki/Ape species suitable for digging.

Because gene manipulating inherently involves much trial and error, it took a long time for the Annunaki to perfect a suitable digger, who, if you didn't already guess, became the first Human.

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