Sunday, January 27, 2013

Apes By Any Other Name

There's this Man of Science who's saying it'll soon be possible to bring back the Neanderthal by cloning him. The Neanderthal genome has now been sequenced. It just remains to chop it into 10,000 chunks, synthesise the pieces, then plant them in a human woman, who, a few months later, will bear a little Neanderthal. All quite simple really. Since the woman will likely be well-paid, there'll be no lack of volunteers for the job of surrogate mother.

There is in Russia an Ape-like being, called an “Alma”, that is quite Neanderthal-like to look at. It is thought by many that the Alma is in fact a Neanderthal, the descendant of Neanderthals that, in order to get away from the Human who was trying to kill them all, left the plains and lightly wooded areas of the world, and found refuge in the vast forests of Russia.

In mid-nineteenth century Russia an Alma female, named “Zana”, was captured, and remained a captive until her death a few decades later. During this time she gave birth to eight children by human fathers. Four children lived to be adults and had children of their own.

If Zana was indeed a Neanderthal, her story supports the notion of some of our Men of Science, that the early human Human and Neanderthal were able to interbreed, and did.

If the supposedly extinct Neanderthal did escape into the forests to get away from the Human,  the other supposedly extinct Apes – the alleged forefathers of the Human – may have done the same. But instead of escaping into the forests of Russia, they escaped into forests of the Himalayas - where they are called Yeti - and into the forests of North America, where they are called Sasquatch.

If the Yeti and Sasquatch do exist (evidence to support the fact of Sasquatch is impressive), this suggests the Human didn't descend from the Ape. Is it, then, any wonder that our Men of Science are so hostile to the Yeti and Sasquatch?

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