Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shades of Grey

*Last time*, I spoke of the notion of parallel worlds intersecting with ours. String Theory postulates eleven parallel worlds. Therefore living Beings may live in them. In fact they just could be with you in your sitting room right now, watching you watch your television, or watching you doing whatever else you do in your sitting room.

Maybe, though, they aren't watching you because, despite that they're with you, they are as unable to see you as you are unable to see them. Perhaps when you die you, the real you, will go to one of these parallel worlds where you'll meet your departed Loved Ones who live there now too. Some parallel worlds may be little different to the world you live in. So, when you die you won't notice much difference.

My interest in parallel worlds has been whetted because I have reason to think I'm now regularly going back and forth between our world and another parallel world which is quite like ours. I find myself there usually when I'm asleep in “our” world, but sometimes when I'm not.

In this other world I live in a little house, quite like mine in “our” world. The people there look very human. They walk upright on two legs and wear clothes, and all of that. They speak a language so like English I can easily understand them. The main difference, as far as I can see, between them and “us” is their skin colour. Most are grey - or, rather, most of those in the area my little house is in, are. The others, the minority, are green. But, whatever the colour, the shades range from light to dark.

I, myself, in this other world, am grey, an amorphous grey, neither light nor dark.

The town my little house is in could be a town anywhere in North America. The people there drive cars and go to work everyday, and have televisions and cell phones and all.

Amazingly, whenever I'm there it's like I've always lived there. For instance I have an inherent knowledge of this other world's history and geography and cultures. Either some part of me has actually always lived there, or someone there has programmed into my brain all my inherent knowledge about this other world, so to make me think I've always lived there. However, whenever there, I'm vaguely aware I'm a visitor from “our” world. I'm not, however, bothered by this.

Having read so far, you may be thinking this other world is merely the product of a dream or hallucination, or, more charitably, is an adumbration of incurable madness. Whatever the truth, this other world is as real to me as is “our” world - the world in which I'm writing this.

I'll speak more in a future posting............

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