Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'll start off today by mentioning the coming election in the land of Amerigo, situated in a parallel world called Osianna, that I've often been finding myself in of late. As I've said *previously*, this is an election for president of Amerigo. The two presidential candidates, the incumbent Bernhardt Ohama who wants to be re-elected, and his challenger Vitt Roomey who would like to be elected, are neck and neck in Amerigo's opinion polls.

While Amerigons know Bernhardt Ohama because he's been president for the last few years, they don't know much about Vitt Roomey. While he (Roomey) seems a nice man, Amerigons are seeing  a strangeness about him. He seems robotic, so much so that more and more Amerigons are asking each other: Is Vitt Roomey an actual robot? After calls for Roomey to produce his birth certificate, so to prove he's human (the Amerigon equivalent of human, that is), he did furnish one. However, many Amerigons think this certificate a fake.

Being from our own world, you may find it odd that an important public personage could be thought an actual robot. However, in Amerigo, robot technology is far in advance of ours. There, they have robots so human-like, you can't tell who's a robot and who's a human. The only hint that an apparent human may be a robot, is if the apparent human is extraordinarily handsome if a man (Roomey is extraordinarily handsome, by the way), or extraordinarily beautiful if a woman. Manufacturers who produce human-like robots, see no point in producing ugly ones, for many human Amerigons, instead of having human spouses, have robot spouses.

In Amerigo, the advantages of having a robot spouse are many - among them that you can control a robot in a way you can't control a human, and that it's generally more pleasant to make conjugal love with a handsome or beautiful robot than with a plain or ugly human. While robots can't produce babies, babies in Amerigo can easily be produced in laboratories. Hence, women in Amerigo with robot spouses, and who wish to experience the joy of motherhood, can simply be inseminated with human sperm in a laboratory. Not only that, she can also choose whether her baby will be a boy or girl, for laboratories in Amerigo can separate the X and Y chromosomes in zygotes in sperm before insemination.

The atavistic yearnings of so many Amerigon women to be mothers, whose babies will grow up to be human adults, is the only reason that so many humans still exist in Amerigo. Robot technology has meant that most jobs there can be done more cheaply and more efficiently by robots, whether human-like or non-human-like. Thus steadily growing numbers of Amerigons not only can't find work, but will never find work because robots are far more intelligent and adaptable than humans. And those humans in Amerigo who do find work, are more likely to be women, because most of those jobs in Amerigo that humans still do, are of the sort that women innately do better than men. 

So, human men in Amerigo are becoming more and more superfluous, which is why most women there now choose to have girl babies, not boys.

Could this state of affairs in Amerigo, which may also be the state of affairs in all of Osianna for all I know, be the future of our own world?


  1. ".....laboratories in Amerigo can separate the X and Y chromosomes in zygotes in sperm before insemination....">

    Etes-vous conscient que cette procédure est déjà en place dans notre monde?

  2. Oui, je suis au courant de cette procédure. C'est une autre signe que notre monde va bientôt devenir comme Amerigo.