Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Butterfly in a Jungle

I've just returned from another short visit to the *land of Amerigo*, situated in a parallel world called Osianna that I'm inexplicably finding myself often in. I can report that the forthcoming election featuring President Bernhardt Ohama and his challenger, Vitt Roomey, is expected by Amerigons to be extremely close. In Amerigo, experts conduct opinion polls just as we do in our world, and these polls confirm that the election could go either way.

I said in my last posting that each candidate has very different ideas on where he would take Amerigons. These differences reflect an ever deepening split within Amerigon society. Unless addressed soon, the causes of this split may result in the two sides becoming so antagonistic, outright civil war could happen. Since Amerigo is militarily and economically by far the most powerful land in Osianna, a civil war in Amerigo would seriously affect all of Osianna. Hence all Osiannans living outside Amerigo are following this election as closely as are Amerigons.

But, who knows, a civil war in Amerigo, though it would happen in a parallel world, could affect us in our world. Amerigo's armed forces have bombs and related explosives of such frightening destructive power, they could destroy all Osianna, rendering it to smoking ashes, and leaving all its peoples dead.

Is there a point at which momentous events like this in a parallel world like Osianna couldn't help but spill over into our world? Think only that mysterious forces which I have control over, are sending me back and forth between our world and Amerigo. My very presence there, although in fleeting visits, affects any Amerigon I interact with, if only in a miniscule way.

For instance I might say something to an Amerigon, which could give him cause him to think differently. This would affect his subsequent actions, which in turn would affect his surroundings and the people in his life. Think of the analogy of a butterfly lapping its wings in a jungle, that causes a tornado somewhere far away. Know what I'm saying?

Amerigons I speak with wouldn't even suspect I'm from our world because I look just like most of them. When in Amerigo I'm grey-coloured (the colour of the diminishing majority of Amerigons). Otherwise I look the same as I do in our world.

Although the way I talk is a bit different from how Amerigons talk, they would doubtless think I'm merely from somewhere else in Osianna. I don't know this for sure, though, for no Amerigon I've spoken with has inquired where I'm from. This is at first sight odd, but it could just be that Amerigons simply aren't interested in matters outside their own bailiwick.

I do wonder why my skin when I'm in Amerigo is grey, not green. Perhaps I'll one day find out if my visits there continue - something I can't assume, since I've no control over my crossings between here and there.

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