Sunday, September 30, 2012


I'll start off today by mentioning the coming election in the land of Amerigo, situated in a parallel world called Osianna, that I've often been finding myself in of late. As I've said *previously*, this is an election for president of Amerigo. The two presidential candidates, the incumbent Bernhardt Ohama who wants to be re-elected, and his challenger Vitt Roomey who would like to be elected, are neck and neck in Amerigo's opinion polls.

While Amerigons know Bernhardt Ohama because he's been president for the last few years, they don't know much about Vitt Roomey. While he (Roomey) seems a nice man, Amerigons are seeing  a strangeness about him. He seems robotic, so much so that more and more Amerigons are asking each other: Is Vitt Roomey an actual robot? After calls for Roomey to produce his birth certificate, so to prove he's human (the Amerigon equivalent of human, that is), he did furnish one. However, many Amerigons think this certificate a fake.

Being from our own world, you may find it odd that an important public personage could be thought an actual robot. However, in Amerigo, robot technology is far in advance of ours. There, they have robots so human-like, you can't tell who's a robot and who's a human. The only hint that an apparent human may be a robot, is if the apparent human is extraordinarily handsome if a man (Roomey is extraordinarily handsome, by the way), or extraordinarily beautiful if a woman. Manufacturers who produce human-like robots, see no point in producing ugly ones, for many human Amerigons, instead of having human spouses, have robot spouses.

In Amerigo, the advantages of having a robot spouse are many - among them that you can control a robot in a way you can't control a human, and that it's generally more pleasant to make conjugal love with a handsome or beautiful robot than with a plain or ugly human. While robots can't produce babies, babies in Amerigo can easily be produced in laboratories. Hence, women in Amerigo with robot spouses, and who wish to experience the joy of motherhood, can simply be inseminated with human sperm in a laboratory. Not only that, she can also choose whether her baby will be a boy or girl, for laboratories in Amerigo can separate the X and Y chromosomes in zygotes in sperm before insemination.

The atavistic yearnings of so many Amerigon women to be mothers, whose babies will grow up to be human adults, is the only reason that so many humans still exist in Amerigo. Robot technology has meant that most jobs there can be done more cheaply and more efficiently by robots, whether human-like or non-human-like. Thus steadily growing numbers of Amerigons not only can't find work, but will never find work because robots are far more intelligent and adaptable than humans. And those humans in Amerigo who do find work, are more likely to be women, because most of those jobs in Amerigo that humans still do, are of the sort that women innately do better than men. 

So, human men in Amerigo are becoming more and more superfluous, which is why most women there now choose to have girl babies, not boys.

Could this state of affairs in Amerigo, which may also be the state of affairs in all of Osianna for all I know, be the future of our own world?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Butterfly in a Jungle

I've just returned from another short visit to the *land of Amerigo*, situated in a parallel world called Osianna that I'm inexplicably finding myself often in. I can report that the forthcoming election featuring President Bernhardt Ohama and his challenger, Vitt Roomey, is expected by Amerigons to be extremely close. In Amerigo, experts conduct opinion polls just as we do in our world, and these polls confirm that the election could go either way.

I said in my last posting that each candidate has very different ideas on where he would take Amerigons. These differences reflect an ever deepening split within Amerigon society. Unless addressed soon, the causes of this split may result in the two sides becoming so antagonistic, outright civil war could happen. Since Amerigo is militarily and economically by far the most powerful land in Osianna, a civil war in Amerigo would seriously affect all of Osianna. Hence all Osiannans living outside Amerigo are following this election as closely as are Amerigons.

But, who knows, a civil war in Amerigo, though it would happen in a parallel world, could affect us in our world. Amerigo's armed forces have bombs and related explosives of such frightening destructive power, they could destroy all Osianna, rendering it to smoking ashes, and leaving all its peoples dead.

Is there a point at which momentous events like this in a parallel world like Osianna couldn't help but spill over into our world? Think only that mysterious forces which I have control over, are sending me back and forth between our world and Amerigo. My very presence there, although in fleeting visits, affects any Amerigon I interact with, if only in a miniscule way.

For instance I might say something to an Amerigon, which could give him cause him to think differently. This would affect his subsequent actions, which in turn would affect his surroundings and the people in his life. Think of the analogy of a butterfly lapping its wings in a jungle, that causes a tornado somewhere far away. Know what I'm saying?

Amerigons I speak with wouldn't even suspect I'm from our world because I look just like most of them. When in Amerigo I'm grey-coloured (the colour of the diminishing majority of Amerigons). Otherwise I look the same as I do in our world.

Although the way I talk is a bit different from how Amerigons talk, they would doubtless think I'm merely from somewhere else in Osianna. I don't know this for sure, though, for no Amerigon I've spoken with has inquired where I'm from. This is at first sight odd, but it could just be that Amerigons simply aren't interested in matters outside their own bailiwick.

I do wonder why my skin when I'm in Amerigo is grey, not green. Perhaps I'll one day find out if my visits there continue - something I can't assume, since I've no control over my crossings between here and there.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Amerigo 'Tis Of Thee

Did I say *last time* that the land in the parallel world I'm more and more finding myself in, is called Amerigo? If I didn't, I do apologise, for, yes, it's called Amerigo, as Amerigons (the people of Amerigo) write and say it in Amerigon, the language of Amerigons, a language so like English I can read and understand it.

While I can't yet speak Amerigon, Amerigons can understand the English I speak to them in. Some do remark, though, that I sound sort of funny. But then, Amerigons sound sort of funny to me. And I just know they would sound sort of funny to you too were you to hear them.

Amerigo is a vast land with many hundreds of millions of people. Economically and militarily it is the most powerful land in this entire parallel world, which Amerigons refer to as Osianna.

Despite living in the most powerful and rich land in all of Osianna, Amerigons are today not generally a happy people. A steadily growing number are becoming poor, while those few who are rich are becoming richer still.

It wasn't always like this. A mere three or four decades ago most Amerigons belonged to their middle-class, with all its benefits and comforts. However, some Amerigons (most of them the minority *”Greens”*), were poor, and some (most of them the majority ”Greys”), were rich. However, rich Amerigons then were much less rich compared to middle-class Amerigons and poor Amerigons, than they are today.

The gap between rich and non-rich Amerigons is increasing and shows no signs of abating, which is mostly why non-rich Amerigons are unhappy. The well-paying jobs, that there were so many of in the days when most Amerigons were happy, are fast disappearing, as even are the non-well-paying jobs. Hence if an Amerigon does have a job, it's likely an ill-paying one with longer and longer hours, and a job he can lose anytime.

Something else that's making Amerigons unhappy is that lots of green people who live in other lands throughout Osianna, are coming to Amerigo to live. As bad as things now are in Amerigo, they are much worse in these other lands. So many Greens are now coming to Amerigo, they'll soon outnumber the Greys, who don't like this one bit. They consider, for one thing, that these swarms of Greens are taking away the jobs that Greys want. If only they (the Greens) could be shipped back to where they came from, sigh the Greys, all would be like it once was in Amerigo, when everyone spoke Amerigon, when everyone had a good job, when everyone was happy.

This forms some of the backdrop to an election due to happen soon in Amerigo, when Amerigons will choose their next president. Will they re-choose the current president, Bernhardt Ohama, or will they opt for the challenger, Vitt Roomey? Each has very different ideas on where he would take Amerigons.

Because what happens in Amerigo affects all of Osianna, due to Amerigo's far flung power, all of Osianna's peoples are following the twists and turns of this election campaign, which, in its vituperation and disdain for the truth, resembles election campaigns here in our own world.

So caught up am I in this election campaign, I eagerly await each return to the parallel world of Osianna and the land of Amerigo. Since I've no control on my movements back and forth, I never know if any visit to Osianna will be my last. As of now, I'm going there almost daily and nightly. I can only hope this'll least until the election.

Whether or not I'm granted another visit, I do have more to add to what I've talked of today. I'll do so in the next posting.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shades of Grey

*Last time*, I spoke of the notion of parallel worlds intersecting with ours. String Theory postulates eleven parallel worlds. Therefore living Beings may live in them. In fact they just could be with you in your sitting room right now, watching you watch your television, or watching you doing whatever else you do in your sitting room.

Maybe, though, they aren't watching you because, despite that they're with you, they are as unable to see you as you are unable to see them. Perhaps when you die you, the real you, will go to one of these parallel worlds where you'll meet your departed Loved Ones who live there now too. Some parallel worlds may be little different to the world you live in. So, when you die you won't notice much difference.

My interest in parallel worlds has been whetted because I have reason to think I'm now regularly going back and forth between our world and another parallel world which is quite like ours. I find myself there usually when I'm asleep in “our” world, but sometimes when I'm not.

In this other world I live in a little house, quite like mine in “our” world. The people there look very human. They walk upright on two legs and wear clothes, and all of that. They speak a language so like English I can easily understand them. The main difference, as far as I can see, between them and “us” is their skin colour. Most are grey - or, rather, most of those in the area my little house is in, are. The others, the minority, are green. But, whatever the colour, the shades range from light to dark.

I, myself, in this other world, am grey, an amorphous grey, neither light nor dark.

The town my little house is in could be a town anywhere in North America. The people there drive cars and go to work everyday, and have televisions and cell phones and all.

Amazingly, whenever I'm there it's like I've always lived there. For instance I have an inherent knowledge of this other world's history and geography and cultures. Either some part of me has actually always lived there, or someone there has programmed into my brain all my inherent knowledge about this other world, so to make me think I've always lived there. However, whenever there, I'm vaguely aware I'm a visitor from “our” world. I'm not, however, bothered by this.

Having read so far, you may be thinking this other world is merely the product of a dream or hallucination, or, more charitably, is an adumbration of incurable madness. Whatever the truth, this other world is as real to me as is “our” world - the world in which I'm writing this.

I'll speak more in a future posting............