Saturday, August 11, 2012

Flying Through The Heavens

A blog I sometimes visit had an entry about expanding states of awareness. The expanded states of awareness (consciousness), including out-of-body experiences, that so many people have had, and the paranormal phenomena of ghosts and UFOs and Alien abductions, do no less than make one wonder how exactly things work in the quotidian world one takes for granted.

I would so like to have had at least one experience of an expanded state of awareness, or have had at least one sighting of a ghost or UFO, or at least once have been abducted by Extra-Terrestrial Aliens. Unfortunately, I was born with the most prosaic mind and sensibilities. Hence the exciting experiences and states of awareness I've just spoken of, are what I've only read about, or have only heard talked of.

I have, though, had experiences where I seemed to be outside myself and observing myself. But these were in unpleasant or tense situations. It was as if I could only get through them by taking a little trip outside my body, making it only my body that had to suffer the unpleasant or tense situation. The real “I”, hovering just outside, was merely a looker-on.

No doubt I had merely imagined myself outside my body. It's what anyone can do, and I recommend you do this when next you're in a bad situation. Your imagination can make you temporarily free.

Although wedded to the quotidian world without being able to find temporary relief from it through paranormal experiences, I do sometimes have vivid dreams at night, that stay with me a long, long time after.

One such vivid dream I had.......I dunno......about fifteen years ago or so. I was in a huge spaceship, an Alien spaceship, that had just taken off. I looked down on earth through a large window and saw it getting smaller and smaller. I knew I would never return. I would spend the rest of my life in air-conditioned comfort, flying through the heavens, gazing out at the starry immensity for evermore. I was very happy about this for I could now just let go and not worry about anything ever again.

Then I woke up. When I realised it was only a dream I was most disappointed.

In the years since, I've thought often of this dream. What did it mean? Maybe this is how it'll be when I breathe my last. My soul, the real "I", will break free of the body in which it has been a prisoner for many decades. I'll fly off into the heavens as did the spaceship in my dream. I'll just let go, and will feel a wonderful relief that I need not worry about anything ever again. I'll be totally free.

Perhaps, then, imprisonment is what earthly life is all about. Life means being in jail, the jail of the body. You wish not to leave this jail, however unpleasant it is, for fear of what lies outside it. Better the jail you know than the freedom outside you don't know.


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