Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Foreign Country

I today posted this comment on a blog I read often:
Having thrown out my TV long ago because the bill of fare it offered was so brain-deadening, I read with interest the *Village Voice piece* about why its the writer can’t watch TV any more.
While I largely agree with his sentiments, there is the paradox that the likes of HBO have recently produced TV dramas that are thought by those who think, to be about the best TV dramas ever.

I never watched “The Sopranos” (too violent for me), but I did watch all of “Six Feet Under” (on DVD), that I thought superb.

Having worked in corporate environments beginning in the mid 1960′s, I’m curious about “Mad Men”. From what I’ve heard of it, I think I’d find it authentic were I to watch it.

So I noted the following in the Village Voice piece: “……..Mad Men’s droll censure of that era’s sexism somehow led network execs to think it was time to bring the sexism back……”

Well, I’ll have the writer know that corporate life in the 1960′s was nothing but sexism as we define it today. Men did all the jobs that were considered to matter. Women were confined to the typing pool, and were flirted with outrageously by the men, who routinely said things to them that today would cause them (the men) to be the subjects of harassment complaints, or simply be fired.

I also remember the ubiquitous ashtrays on desks, and the pleasant reek of cigarette smoke as it curled through offices and down hallways.

The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there.


  1. Je regarde la télé beaucoup. Na!

  2. Est-ce parce que vous êtes une personne âgée? Il y a des recherches qui montrent que l'âge moyen des personnes qui regardent la télévision, est environ cinquante ans.

    Ca n'est pas surprenant. La télévision est, après tout, un phénomène du XXe siècle. La télévision représente la technologie qui induit la réaction, et induit la passivité. Alors que vous regardez la télévision, vous devez regarder beaucoup de publicités que vous ne souhaitez pas regarder.

    Mais, si vous ça aimez, ce que je peux dire?