Friday, May 25, 2012

Le Football Américain

A blog I often read had a recent posting on the topic of *this short video* by John Cleese about football (American), in which he said, among other things, that it was particularly ideal for the sponsors of television commercials.

I left a comment to this posting, that said:
Cleese's is a trenchant and witty take on le football américain, to be sure.

Le football américain's suitability for advertising beer and cigarettes and Humvees on prime time television is no doubt a big factor in its popularity. But a bigger reason is that le football américain is simply an integral part of la vie américaine, as much as mother, home and apple pie.

The Battle of Guadalcanal was won on the football fields of Princeton, you might say.

Why has le football américain not been exported successfully to other lands, as has le base-ball? Perhaps, due to all that expensive padding and equipment, you have to be a man of means, or have a mother and father of means, to play it?

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