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Mesa Of Lost Women

"Mesa of Lost Women", a 1953 film I saw last night on YouTube, begins with a man and a woman staggering through a desert - the Muerto Desert - while a narrator says:
Strange! – the monstrous assurance of this race of puny bipeds with overblown egos; the creature who calls himself ‘Man’! He believes he owns the earth, and every living thing on it exists only for his benefit. Yet how foolish he is!

Consider: even the lowly insect that Man treads underfoot outweighs humanity several times, and outnumbers him by countless billions! In the continuing war for survival between Man and the hexapods, only an utter fool would bet against the insects.

Let a man or woman venture from the well-beaten path of civilisation, let him cross the threshold of the limited intellect, and he encounters amazing, wondrous things; the unknown, and terrible. If he escapes these weird adventures with his life, he will usually find he left his reason behind.

Perhaps that is what happened to these two souls, lost in the great Mexican desert. But then, ask yourself: why would anyone tread from the usually well-travelled roads of this modern age? – from the luxury of an air-conditioned automobile?

It’s difficult for our modern world of statistics and electronics to accept miracles, but you could almost call this a miracle; a genuine miracle. Out of hundreds and thousands of square miles of heat and seared wasteland, where the vultures wait for the other vultures to die, an American oil surveyor has chosen to explore this particular terrible corner of the earth. The Muerto Desert; the Desert of Death!

This surveyor can hardly credit his eyes. Perhaps they are only illusive images, produced by roasting the optic nerves? But if they do exist, if they are living things from somewhere, one fact is certain: miracle or not, they will not be living things for long. The Muerto Desert, true to its name, will soon convert them into dead things....
The surveyor - who works for an oil company - and his guide, an elderly man called Pepe, bundle the barely conscious man and woman into the surveyor's jeep, and he takes them to the oil company field hospital.

After the man and woman have partially revived through drinking some water and eating some food, the man, Grant Phillips, in a terrified voice, begins telling of giant tarantulas and of misshapen little men and of beautiful indestructible women, made that way by a scientist in a hidden laboratory atop a mesa - the Zarpa Mesa.

Pepe's eyes widen as he hears this story, for he has heard similar stories before. Grant Phillips' voice trails off while the narrator says:
Quite a story he’s telling, isn’t it, Pepe? You heard from your people about Zarpa Mesa, and the mysterious Dr Araña, even though your bosses haven’t. So, why tell them? They would only laugh at you and say,'Poor Pepe! You’re getting old!'

But you’ve heard for years about the grotesque and misshapen people; about the women – strange women who do not die! No, Grant Phillips doesn’t know the whole story. You see, he came into it rather late. It actually began---oh, almost a year ago; the night Dr Leland Masterson, the world famous specialist and researcher, found himself in the middle of the Muerto Desert; the Desert of Death!...
Indeed, Dr Masterson had heard of Dr Araña and was curious. So he made a long journey to meet Dr Araña at his laboratory on Zarpa Mesa. On being shown into the laboratory by a misshapen little man, Dr Masterson noticed that the people working in it were woman, all young and beautiful, and silent.

Then Dr Araña entered and introduced himself. After the obligatory small-talk, Dr Araña began to tell Dr Masterson of his work in transplanting human pituitary glands that control growth, into the bodies of tarantula spiders. Dr Araña said:
The tarantulas began to yield amazing results. They grew as large as human beings, and began developing new reasoning powers; and I found I had the telepathic power to communicate with them. And then I reversed the process; transplanted the control centre of the insect back into the human body.

Doctor, observe this girl! I call her ‘Tarantella’. She has human beauty and intelligence, but still retains the capacities and instincts of the giant spider.
As for the misshapen little men, Dr Araña explained that, just as the male spider is small and weak and the female spider big and powerful, so this dynamic replicates in humans who are injected with growth glands taken from spiders. Before being injected with spider glands, the misshapen little men had been big and strong. Now, not only are they misshapen and small and weak, they are no match for the women who have been made powerful and intelligent and beautiful through being injected with spider glands.

After observing the young woman called Tarantella, whose fathomless dark eyes spew pure evil, and after observing some misshapen little men, and after observing a giant human-sized tarantula, Dr Masterson decides he wants nothing to do with Dr Araña. Not only that, he decides he'll do all in his power to see that Dr Araña's laboratory is destroyed. He tells Dr Araña this. In that case, said Dr Araña, he cannot allow Dr Masterson to leave Zarpa Mesa..........

This is just a little of what's in "Mesa Of Lost Women"........


Made in 1953, "Mesa Of Lost Women" came out in a world very different from today. In that world, it was men who ran it. Women stayed home and minded the children. That was as it should be, for women hadn't yet evolved to where they could do the work of men. Their relatively unevolved brains didn't yet allow them to drive buses or play in symphony orchestras or be lawyers or doctors or run corporations or be prime ministers and suchlike. While some did, they were just exceptions, just as there are exceptions to every rule.

Compare this to today, 2012. Everywhere you look, the Woman is taking over. Look at all the women doctors and lawyers and corporate controllers and politicians and whatnot. In schools today, girls outperform boys. At the University, women now constitute two thirds of the graduates.

Women are storming the redoubts of men everywhere. They are casting them into the valley of the shadow of redundancy. In their desperation, men more and more seek refuge in football, cage-fighting, and the Republican Party. In the growing power of the Female vis a vis the Male, human society is turning into that of the spider..........

Since 1953 wasn't even sixty years ago, what explains the extraordinarily fast evolution of the brain of the Woman, so that She may take over the entire world before you know it. It may not be because of evolution, though, for evolution is supposed to be glacial. How about that laboratories like that of Dr Araña are now a fact, so that, unbeknownst to you, they are releasing women in their many millions into society who have been injected with the glands of the spider?


If you wish to watch "Mesa Of Lost Women", *click here*

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