Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Blob

I write this, happy that I didn't suffer the terrible fate of so many in "The Blob", a 1958 film I saw last night on YouTube.

"The Blob" begins with something from Out There hitting earth one night. The sound wakes a nearby homesteader. He goes outside and sees a big hole in the ground in which is a small round metallic thing that has cracked open. Inside it is a dark jelly goo.

The homesteader pokes at the goo with a stick to see what it will do. Well, it oozes onto his arm and he can't get it off. It seems to be devouring the arm. The homesteader runs around in great pain.

He is found crawling at the side of a road by a young man, Steve, and his girlfriend on a jaunt in a convertible. They take him to a doctor who is puzzled by the goo. The doctor injects the homesteader with something to make him sleep, then takes out reference books from his bookcase and begins paging through.

After paging through awhile but not learning much about goos that devour any human limbs they ooze onto, the doctor checks to see how the sleeping homesteader is doing. He sees that the goo now covers the whole arm. The doctor concludes that cutting off the arm is the only thing to do. He telephones his nurse who had already left for the night, and tells her to come back quick.

Meanwhile, Steve, with his girlfriend, has driven back to the spot where he found the homesteader, to look for clues as to what exactly fell from the sky. After rooting around he's still no wiser. He drives back to the doctor's house.

Steve finds the house empty. Where's the doctor, and where's the homesteader? He checks round the side and sees the goo. It has now become a giant......Blob. It has turned red, and has just devoured.........the doctor.

This isn't enough for the Blob. Having devoured the doctor, and no doubt his nurse too, and not to speak of the homesteader, the Blob likes the taste and seeks more. Can it be stopped before it devours.....well.......everyone.

You'll have to watch "The Blob" to find out...........


What lessons are there from "The Blob"? Well, if things from outer space ever land on earth, they may bring germs with them, or may have deadly characteristics, against which the human is helpless.

Because "The Blob" came out in 1958 - the time of the Red Menace, and of Communists under beds, and behind every door, tree and lamppost - the Blob may have symbolised all this. Think only that it became red.

What else?

Oh yes, should the Polar ice caps melt because of Global Warming, a Big Surprise may await............


To watch "The Blob", *click here*.


  1. Je n'ai pas aimé la chanson qui a été joué pendant que le générique ont été montré. Il donnait l'impression que le film était une comédie. Il était en fait un film de science-fiction sérieuse.

  2. Je suis d'accord. Toutefois, la chanson a ètè devenir un hit.

    L'argent c'est important, vous savez.

  3. Une autre chose, vous avez omis de dire que Steve McQueen a fait son début comme acteur de cinéma dans "The Blob"

  4. Une omission très mauvaise, je reconnaîs.

    "Steve" dans "The Blob" a été joué par Steve McQueen, qui a été payé seulement $4,000 pour ce rôle.

  5. here is a link to an online episode you might like


    i don't want to give you a hint...


  6. Thank you, Dafna, for this link. However, on clicking on it, I was informed that the video can't be seen outside of the United States.

    Quel dommage........

  7. Oh too bad,

    the protagonist is a grandmaster in chess and the subject was the peril of using drones as a "game". sounded up our ally :)

    how can i comment using my name?


  8. "....how can i comment using my name?....."

    Easy. Among the choices in "Comment as", you'll see "Name/URL". In the "Name" box, type "Dafna". You can leave empty the "URL" box.