Saturday, February 04, 2012

What If One Writes And No-One Reads?

While I like it should someone read what I write, I would, should no-one read what I write, continue writing.

As it is, my “Since Time Began” blog has two or three regular readers at most, and this “From the Horse’s Mouth” blog has no regular readers. However, I continue with them because I write principally for myself, and only secondarily for others.

If I really want to have others read what I write, I can always leave comments on widely-read blogs, and I do. Even if the blog I leave a comment on has no readers, I can be reasonably sure that at least the blog-owner will read my comment. One reader is better than none.

If I leave long comments that I think say something worthwhile, I paste them also onto this blog as separate postings. For instance this posting, the one you're reading now, is well-nigh word-for-word what I wrote as a comment on another blog as part of a discussion.

Before the internet came along, most writing was never read. Consider that only a small percentage of novels submitted to publishers are ever published. Therefore nearly all the novels that have ever been written, have been destroyed unread, or moulder in dusty desk drawers or in attics and basements, never to be read. This happens even with most novels written today.

What with the internet, there has never been a better time for a writer than today. Writers from the pre-internet past, wherever they are now, must be looking down at us disappointed that their brief lives in this earthly realm were so long ago.


  1. At times, I think you actually want to discourage readers.

  2. Thank yew fer visitin'

    Actually, I want to have readers, but only a very few, like three or four. If I have more, I start to get anxiety attacks.