Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cat Women Of The Moon

"Cat Women Of The Moon" is the latest film I've seen on YouTube. Made in 1953, it tells of a manned mission to the moon. Although a manned mission, it has a woman in the crew, Helen, who's the navigator.

As the rocket-ship nears the moon, Helen tells the captain that the best place to land is in a valley on the moon's dark side. The captain thinks it a strange place to land, but, since Helen is the navigator, he has little choice but to take her advice. Helen also says there's a cave in the side of the valley that will be useful to explore.

The rocket-ship lands safely in the valley. The crew unstrap themselves and get up and stretch, Helen too. She also takes out a little hand mirror and arranges her hair and powders her face. All put on their space suits, that include an oxygen mask, and they clamber outside.

Although little can be seen outside because it's the dark side of the moon, Helen is able to lead everyone to the cave in the side of the valley that she'd told everyone about. It's a big cave that seemingly has no end. When the crew are deep in the cave they feel the atmosphere has changed. They remove their oxygen masks and find they can still breathe. There must be oxygen around. Odd.

Walking through the cave as it leads down into the depths under the moon's surface, the crew come across huge buildings that an advanced civilisation must have built. Did the beings who built these buildings breathe oxygen? If so, it explains the oxygen inside the cave.

It turns out there are inhabitants, young women wearing catsuits. There aren't too many of them, and they are all that's left of a nearly extinct moon civilisation. This near-extinction has happened because the supply of oxygen in the moon's underground has been dwindling for a long time, and there's now only enough to support a few moon-people. All the men have died, so only women are left - the ones in the cat-suits.

Being only a matter of time before all the oxygen is used up, the cat-women know they'll soon have to leave the moon for a another planet with oxygen. Earth is the best bet. The cat-women decide, then, to try and travel to earth and settle there. However, they have no rocket-ships. The only way to reach earth is therefore in one of earth's rocket-ships. But, how to entice one so that it lands near the mouth of the huge cave where they live?

The cat-suited women have a highly-developed extra sensory perception and can use this to control the minds of others, even if those others live on other planets. Hence they could sense the earthling's rocket-ship even before it left earth for the moon. They could therefore sense that the crew included a woman, Helen, whose womanly mind was more easily manipulable through interplanetary mind-control by other women, despite those other women being moon-women.

Thus the leader of the moon-women could send mental commands from the moon to Helen, to instruct her to tell the crew to land the space-ship in the valley near the moon-women's cave entrance. Once it's there, the moon-women plan to get into it and fly it to earth after they've killed the crew.

Things don't go exactly as planned because, for one thing, a moon-woman and a crew member fall in love. That's enough of the plot that I'll tell of.


"Cat Women Of The Moon" raises a number of issues.

Because the moon-women are not of earth, they can't genetically be human. However, this wasn't enough to stop one of the moon-women and one of the crew members falling in love. Also, it was obvious in the film that the other crew members found the moon-women attractive as women. One assumes, then, that they would want to have sex with them if the circumstances were right.

Given that the chimpanzee is genetically almost the same as the human - and so would genetically be closer to a human than would a moon-woman - I've heard of no instance of a human male falling in love with a female chimpanzee and wanting to have sex with her. But........you never know.

Having a woman, Helen, as a crew member led to tensions, leading to a punch-up between the captain and deputy captain, both of whom had fallen in love with her. This raises the issue of the gender composition of space crews today in the real world. Have any had both men and women?

If so, have there been punch-ups in space-ships or space-shuttles far above earth between male crew members in competition for romantic opportunities with female crew members? While punch-ups do have their place, a space-ship or space shuttle in which there's so much delicate instrumentation, isn't one of them.


Should you wish to watch "Cat Women Of The Moon", *click here*.


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