Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Educated Fool

Reading the comments on another blog I often visit, I came across this:
……The news distresses me. Stupidity abounds. So does intellectual righteousness. Humility, generosity, and insight seem to be hiding in our modern world of violence and selfishness.......
I, in a comment in response, said this:
While stupidity and intellectual righteousness (foolishness) have always been around, the difference between the foolishness of then, and the foolishness of now, is that now, thanks to universal education, there is much less excuse for foolishness.

Then, most people could neither read nor write, and so didn’t know any better when they or their leaders spoke and acted foolishly. So, there was always the hope that should the time come when everyone could go to school and more people could go to the University, most of the foolishness would go away.

Now we know beyond all reasonable doubt that a fool who goes to the University and emerges with a string of academic letters after his name, will almost always emerge same fool he was before. He may be able to do the most complex mathematics, or to discourse on the most arcane and abstract of philosophies, and be admired by millions who make him rich. But he stays a fool.

Because of universal education, this is the Age of the Educated Fool. This won’t likely change.

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